In OrBit Press Material

Sicilian Project Press Material

5 minute medley - The Sicilian Jazz Project a mix of songs from Michael Occhipinti's two albums Muorica and and The Sicilian Jazz Project 79.6 MB
Muorica COLOUR BOOK A pdf of the beautiful 6X9 book that goes with the CD 3.85 MB
Vancouver Jazz Festival Review 2015 A rave review of the band's show at the 2015 Vancouver International Jazz Festival 285 KB
Michael Occhipinti in Sicily From Muorica 5.56 MB
PHOTO: Michael Occhipinti Promo Photo Hi - res photo of Michael Occhipinti 1.73 MB
REVIEW - JazzdaGama a review of the new album Muorica 2.14 MB
Review from the 2015 Ottawa Chamber Music Festival A review that captures the feeling of the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival! 79.8 KB
Stage plot 458 KB

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