I'm Now Booking Shows at Hugh's Room Live in Toronto

Over the years I've had the chance to serve as Artistic Director for Lakefield Music Camp and the Markham Jazz Festival, and I'm excited to now be part of the Artistic Team booking shows at Hugh's Room Live in Toronto.  It's one of the best clubs around, with a great listening audience and fantastic sound and sight lines.  The booking as always been eclectic, featuring singer-songwriters, blues, world and jazz groups, and large tribute shows that bring together diverse musicians.  I'm happy to be the main jazz/world/chamber/blues crossover booker (meaning that traditional folk and songwriters is primarily the domain of my colleagues Cheryl Praksher and Blaire Packham).  If you're interested in performing, the email for me is michael@hughsroomlive.com.


Please get those calendars out and make note of some great shows I'm happy to have booked at Hugh's Room to kick off 2019. If you love Hugh's as a venue, please support it in the best way possible - Come to a show or buy someone else a ticket! http://www.hughsroomlive.com 
-David Buchbinder's Odessa Havanna January 16, 
- Eliana Cuevas and Jeremy Ledbetter doing a double bill on January 24, 
-Autorickshaw with Suba Sankaran, Dylan Bell, and Ed Hanley's on January 30 
-Richard Underhill and the Shuffle Demons January 31, 
-The Ward Cabaret (doing a club version of the show we did for Luminato last June) on February 5th with Derek Kwan, Laura Campisi, Laurel Tubman, Aviva Chernick and Louis Louis Simão (including me and David Buchbinder), 
-Timothy Booth's Jazz Orchestra Feb 18th, 
-Robi Botos and George Koller and Romani Jazz Feb 25, 
-A double bill with Sundar Viswanathan's Avataar and Larry Graves' Sure Fire Sweat March 14. 
I'm also going to have Mike Daley coming in to do some of his excellent artist profile talks and performances on the last Monday of the month through to the spring. Stay tuned for more!