Michael Occhipinti Demonstrates Guitar Effects on the drew Marshall Show



MY GEAR:  I tend to be pretty faithful to one or two guitars at a time, and these days I'm mostly playing an Ernie Ball Music Man REFLEX (discontinued!), although also playing a Godin T-59 ( I bought it to take to Europe, with the idea of unscrewing the neck so that the body and guitar fit in a backpack so no airline would hassle me.  It worked really well,  and the action and intonation remained great).  I also play an Albert Lee model Ernie Ball,  and funnily enough my model (with 3 P90 style pickups) is also discontinued!  My steel string acoustic guitar is a wonderful Taylor 422 steel string. The Reflex is set up with D'Addario NY strings (11's) and the Godin has 10's, and I'm grateful to D'Addario Canada for hosting my group In Orbit for lunch and for their generosity and enthusiasm showing us around the warehouse.  

My amp is made in Toronto by my friend Peter Medvick's Funk Farm.  All of his amps are one of a kind in some way, tailored to the musicians who request them (which is why mine is called the MO Twin 25).  Mine is an all-tube stereo head with 2 x 25-watt channels, and I run it with two 12" cabinets that Peter built that house Jensen speakers.

Prior to that, and on the road, I request two matching Fender tube amps (typically Vintage style Deluxes).

For effects I'm most reliant on my Eventide Space reverb, TC Electronics MOJO overdrive, and Line 6's new HX Effects which has a smaller footprint than my HD 500 (which you can hear in the video at top) that I bought to replace the green, blue, and purple Line 6 boxes I used to lug around, along with a few other pedals).  I don't really like the Line 6 overdrive, and I don't use the amp modelling part of the unit at all.  I sometimes use a volume pedal, but generally I find I'm more expressive using the volume knob on the guitar (thanks Jeff Beck, for inspiring me with that when I was a teen!).

I've shared some excerpts from different albums that are examples of different sounds I use on my web site’s Gear page.

And for the effects nerds out there, I found a nice little video on the Wah Wah here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOHZLX1qY48