We're BACK!  After a few years of canceled and rescheduled events, we're back to having fun playing whatever you want us for!  Come join us for our first club date in a while on June 1st at 3030 Dundas W, presented by Hugh's Room Live!  Tickets are available here: https://hughsroomlive.com

I do a lot of different kinds of events, providing everything from a jazz trio for cocktails, to a cool acoustic guitar and voice duo for wedding ceremonies, to the hardest working band in Toronto , Grooveyard, playing funk and soul music that fills a dance floor.  There are no shortage of musicians out there doing social and corporate events, but my experience in helping plan those events rivals many professional planners (although I work with many good ones that I can recommend), and the level of musicianship and professionalism of my colleagues is unmatched.  I'd love to help you throw a great party with unforgettable live music, or have a house band at your awards gala or fundraiser, or just help you have a cool concert in your house.  Let's discuss how I can help you get great music!  Email casaocchipinti@icloud.com or call 416 904-5494

Your Life Deserves Great Live Music!

Great Live Music + Great Planners make for Great Nights!