Upcoming Gigs All Canceled...Fingers Crossed For When They Happen Again!

Well, I've taken down my "Upcoming Gigs" page for now, just because everything is either canceled or on hold for now.  Elizabeth Shepherd and I are supposed to be on tour from June 20-July 12 doing Canada's Jazz Festivals and other shows, and while they haven't been canceled, I can't say for certain they'll proceed.  The next few weeks of social distancing and isolation and what they do to the covid 19 virus will probably decide.  The good news is I've been succeeding in my goal of writing at least a couple of bars of music every day, and practicing the guitar more than I probably have in twenty years.  Maybe at the end of all this, I'll have a lot of new music and some new guitar licks, but on the other hand nothing beats playing and creating with other people, so maybe I'll just be maintaining what I can do the way all the basketball players trying to stay game ready are doing.  But creating seems to be good for my mental health, and it's nice to take a break from answering/sending emails, which is such a big part of being self employed.  If you're creating something, and want some guitar or collaboration, let me know!